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Discount Printed Carrier Bags is a specialist website from Polybags Ltd, the UK's number one manufacturer of polythene packaging, to highlight their provision of printed carrier bags at heavily discounted prices.

Polybags specialises in producing first class polythene products at competitive prices with high and low print-runs. Because Polybags is a manufacturer we can always offer direct wholesale prices cutting out the markup that other merchants have to apply. Orders placed with Discount Printed Carrier Bags are fulfilled directly by Polybags' first class service team with no commission or additional costs added.

Online shops want you to know this about personalised carrier bags

Are Personalised Carrier Bags a part of Our Lives?

Totally! These bags feel certainly useful at each stage in the method generating a temptation in each individual consumer’s mind to be familiar with its proper benefit prior to applying exactly the same. Using personalised carrier bags is not certainly only restricted to utilising them as a promoting giveaway item, nevertheless there are quite a few uses of these polythene suppliers manufacturers belt baggage. Although they’ve very been favored for the promotional objective and tested to generally be the optimal view carriers, these baggage are cost-effective coach gracing kids’ birthday acquire-togethers. They may be tailored with the names of all these small ones invited above for the occasion to assist make them truly feel special. Furthermore they may be useful for a “take-away treat” or when specific online games are being performed at a kid’s party.

Personalised carriers for economic promoting

Spare carrier bags

Sainsburys at Dog Kennel Hill have recycling bins for carrier bags if you can not come by anywhere else.

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For above 40 years, R+L Carriers has offered fast, friendly, and cost-effective LTL service.

level 1 3 years ago I have drylin on my Anet A8 with the stock steel rods. I wanted to use printed carriers to save weight nevertheless I could not acquire them to transport smoothly, they kept binding no matter how much I adjusted. The metal carriers can be adjusted to not bind, I may try alternative printed carriers though. Much quieter than the ball bearings.


COY CUSTOM CARRIERS Polybags's agentis JACKIE LEE COY JR., 303 LONGBOW ST, , SHERIDAN, IN, 46069 - , United Kingdom

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Printed Carrier Bags

The Printed Carrier Bags  are greatly demanded among clients because of their attractive print, proper size and superb strength. These bags are commonly used amid shopping for carrying groceries in public transit and to the house. The offered bags are on offer in punched handle, patch handle and flexi loop handle design and also customised as per requirement. As manufactured of high quality plastic resin, these bags have capability to transport items in bulk quantity. They are extremely heavy-duty, waterproof, leakage proof, tear resistant and proper size. The provided Printed Carrier Bags  are uniform to retailer, designers, boutiques and fashion items purchaser

Small guide to selecting the proper paper for custom carrier bags

It is the most fancier kind of paper for custom carrier bags. Through a special machine, Elastokraft paper is embossed.

Custom Print Personalised Carrier Bags | Large 22x18x3 Retail Shop Plastic Bags

Polybags huge range of products

Polybags has been providing customers with quality polythene packaging for over 50 years and they maintain that standard today with a huge range of products, including:

Carrier bags
Carrier bags
Polybags stocks polythene, paper and biodegradable carriers in all shapes and sizes. With patch handle carriers, vest style carriers, varigauge carriers, fashion carriers and more, there is a carrier bag to suit any purpose and budget.
Mailing bags
Mailing and courier bags
Mailing bags are lightweight, strong and waterproof, making them perfect for regular post or courier deliveries. Order your own printed mailing bags with your own personalised design, or choose from a range of bags to suit your needs.
Bubble film and bubble bags
Bubble packaging
For air-cushioned protection for delicate or valuable items in storage or transit, Polybags' range of bubble wrap and bubble bags will have you covered. Available in a range of sheet widths and bag sizes to suit the product you need to protect, whilst bubble-lined or featherpost mailing bags are tailor-made for protecting items in the post.
Eco-friendly bags
Eco-friendly bags
Polybags stock a huge range of eco-friendly packaging to help you with a wide range of tasks whilst looking out for the environment. All designed in line with the latest research, you can choose from biodegradable carriers, mailers and clear bags, along with eco-friendly bin liners, specialist eco-packaging and more.
Garment bags and pallet covers
Garment and laundry covers
A range of garment bags and covers designed to protect clothes in storage or transit. Includes duvet and linen covers and dry cleaning bags, available in clear or pre-printed form to suit your product needs and budget.
Grip seal and slider grip bags
Grip seal or self seal bags
Keep small to medium-sized items dry and sealed away from contamination with this range of grip seal bags. Just squeeze the plastic seal to shut these bags, available in clear or coloured polythene.
Polythene tubing and sheeting
Polythene tubing and sheeting
When you need to wrap items of all different sizes and shapes, then polythene bags aren't ideal for the job. Instead, use polythene sheeting or layflat tubing to use just the right amount of polythene to cover your product and then seal.
Transit packing
Vacuum bags
Extend the shelf life of food by to five times with vacuum bags - a favourite of the catering industry and ideal for a range of fresh produce, from meat to fish and cooked to dried foods. Compatible with all major chamber vacuum sealers.
Presentation bags and retail bags
Presentation bags and retail bags
Crystal clear display bags made from high clarity polypropylene film really help retailers and manufacturers to show off their products. Add a touch of sparkle to your displays!
Specialist bags
Produce and paper bags
A firm favourite with food retailers across the country, Polybags' range of produce and paper bags includes paper bags, shop counter polythene sheets, ultra-high density film bags and take away carriers.
Waste bags and sacks
Waste bags and sacks
Polybags caters for waste disposal needs in the home, office, garden, building site with this huge range of bin bags and sacks. Includes clinical waste, asbestos and other specialist waste sacks.
Plain polythene bags
Packing bags
If you need to pack items away and want to offer them some protection then look no further than Polybags' extensive range of packing bags. From tiny electronic components to large pieces of furniture, this range of polythene packaging has the size, shape and thickness you need to protect your items in storage or transit.
Bespoke packaging
Bespoke packaging
Any retailer looking to make an instant and lasting impression with customers should order bespoke packaging containing your very own design, including company name, logo, colour scheme or advertising slogan. Printed carrier bags and printed mailing bags are Polybags' most popular bespoke ranges, but other products can be personalised to suit your needs.